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Metastore Group

Being in business since 1992, our agility and flexibility make us survivors, adapted to change 

Mavericks by nature

We defy the status quo. We believe in the power of frameworks and ecosystems. Our name says it all:
Meta is the framework that structures our solutions towards our clients. Store is the compilation of vendors, parties and people. 

We customise and manage to all of our clients’ needs; whether it is in data management, cyber security, intelligence or even workplace management.



Our approach is that of an entrepreneur; we look for value within your organisation without giving in on quality

We believe by simplifying the complexity of an organisation, we will be able to provide you solutions that will outperform the safe choices of the market.


We innovate, which means that we are early in the maturity life cycle curve of technology.

We’re also ‘late’, meaning we extend the life cycle of your existing legacy investments with a smart strategy for the future.

Competitive Edge

In business for over 25 years, and with a track record of clients staying with us for an average of 10 years, we are your trusted partner. 

The B2B BeNeLux market is our playing field; Metastore is the company that speaks your language, and understands your nee

Diverse by nature

Starting with mainframe security software in 1992, the Metastore Group has expanded its activities into cyber security, data management and workplace management.


Cyber Security

Curios provides expertise and guidance in the field of cybersecurity. This is offered in the form of managed security services and risk services.

Data Management

ECMsolutions masters the art of streamlining valuable business data - from the moment it enters, up until it leaves the organisation.

Workplace Management

Level9's mission is to provide high-quality and cost-effective co-work spaces for technology start-ups and small businesses.

Digital Identity

Metastore provides a solution for effective identity protection and access management, which fulfils the highest demands with regard to security. Offering a layered security approach that is tailored to the needs of the customer.

Platform Solutions

Operational Intelligence provides organizations the ability to make decisions and immediately act on these analytic insights, through manual or automated actions.

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